10 Smart Storage Solutions for your Kitchen

light kitchen marble surfacre

When designing your dream kitchen, one of the biggest concerns might be how to align your storage needs with your style aesthetic. Making sure that you have room for everything is a top priority for many, especially smart designs that match your kitchen needs. A well-organised kitchen can help keep your space decluttered and increase ease of use, for culinary novices and frequent chefs alike.

These smart storage solutions will help you make the most of your space and keep your kitchen looking sleek and organised. At The Wood Works, we offer quality, imaginative solutions whatever the shape and size of your kitchen. Our tailor-made designs can maximise cabinet space and personalise your kitchen to match your specific needs.


1. Make Space

Before making any grand plans for your kitchen space, the first thing to do is tidy up and declutter. Kitchens can become a magnet for accumulated things, be it food long-past its sell-by-date or utensils that no longer serve a purpose. Make sure to thoroughly sort your refrigerator, cabinets and cupboards so that you only have what is necessary.


2. Install Hooks

Hooks, aside from being an aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen, can free up cabinet space. Using hooks for mugs or wine glasses offers a solution for the more bulky objects or objects which cannot be stacked, freeing up more space.




3. Vertical Pull Outs

When designing your dream kitchen, a professional kitchen design company can help maximise space even in the smallest of gaps. Vertical pull outs can fit in between kitchen surfaces, fridges or cupboards and can be used to store things like chopping boards and baking trays, freeing up space elsewhere to store the bulkier kitchen items.


4. Slide Out Cutting Boards or Islands

Depending on the size of your kitchen, a permanent kitchen island may not be a possibility. However, with smart storage solutions, it may be possible to feature a slide out kitchen island or cutting board on wheels. These cleverly designed items mean that they can easily be stored away when you do not need them, freeing up the floor space in your kitchen and maximising your ability to move around freely. When undertaking a big kitchen project or hosting a dinner party, simply slide out these cutting boards so that you have more surface space and room to cook.


5. Integrated Wine Racks

For the wine aficionados, wine bottles can take up a lot of space if you do not have a designated storage solution for them. Wine racks which can slot in between cabinet space or inside drawers can be a great way to store these bulkier items and free up extra surface area or cupboard space.




6. Cutting Boards in Unique Spaces

When preparing a recipe with multiple elements, it can be difficult to have enough surface space. Getting inventive about where you store your cutting boards can make a huge amount of difference to your kitchen space. This is an easy way to free up counter space.

Getting a chopping board that can fit over the sink, or in a drawer directly over the rubbish bin, is an easy and sleek way to create an extra space for chopping.


7. Inner Cupboard Storage Solutions

We all know the familiar feeling of sifting through an avalanche of pans and lids upon opening the cupboard door. A simple trick to keep this more organised is to install pan dividers within the cupboards and places to specifically stack pots and their lids. Dividers can also help organise slimmer items such as baking sheets. That way, you avoid the clattering and can find items far more easily.




8. Mounted Dish Rack

Dish drying racks can take up an enormous amount of space and be an inefficient use of countertop in your kitchen. One way to solve this problem is by having a shelf or designated dish rack on the wall that can air-dry items without taking up precious room.


9. Install Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelves with low sides can be a lifesaver for those with deep kitchen cupboards and cabinets. These shelves will help keep items organised so that you can easily access what you need without the necessity of reaching into the depths of the cupboard and wasting valuable time.


10. Designated Drawers

When designing your dream kitchen, think about your personal kitchen usage and needs. This will help guide your planning and you can start to implement smart solutions such as designated drawers for your most commonly used items. Installing smaller drawers for spices, cutlery and other small objects can help maximise space so that you have multiple shallow drawers rather than one big drawer which is half empty.