6 Top Style Tips for a Country-Style Kitchen

wooden floor marble island cream suede stools

Country kitchens lend themselves to a warm, welcoming and cosy atmosphere, the perfect addition to any household. This timeless design can be implemented into any kitchen and are favoured by those looking for a rustic, classic vibe for their kitchen.

Keep your country-style kitchen fresh and modern by tweaking the classic style slightly and bring your country-style kitchen into the 21st Century. Here we share the best ways to blend different elements and create a classic country-style kitchen with a modern touch.


1. Country Style Materials

When starting to design your country-style kitchen, the materials you choose will act as a base. If you already have a beamed ceiling, take advantage of these as they add to the country aesthetic. Wood is another staple feature of any good country-style kitchen. Not only wooden floors but using beautiful reclaimed wood as part of your kitchen design can bring a rustic, country feel to your home.

Implementing roughly constructed cabinets will add a distinctly rustic feel to your kitchen. If you are hoping for a more updated look, pair these with modern elements, such as copper finishes, in order to recreate the perfect modern country design.

Painting your wood white or in a pastel colour, be it the wooden floors, wooden walls or kitchen cabinets, can create a stunning country-style look.




2. Organised Clutter

Modern kitchens opt for the minimalist, clutter-free look. On the contrary, country kitchens are supposed to reflect a well lived-in look to enhance their homeliness. For this reason, country style kitchens do not hide everything away in sleek storage solutions but instead leave their items out on display.

However, there are a number of classy ways you can display your homeware. For example, open shelving or glass cabinet doors can help you display your favourite crockery and glassware. Similarly, hooks can feature in order to hang things such as mugs, tea towels and aprons.


3. Invest in Retro Appliances

If you are splashing out on designing a whole new look for your kitchen, more traditionally designed or retro appliances can help go one step further in creating a country-style decor. These appliances will sit pretty on any countertop and help contribute to the old-school image. Stylish 1950s style appliances, such as food mixers, toasters and kettles, will add a touch of kitsch to your kitchen.




4. Mix & Match Textures

Unlike a modern kitchen which usually favours a homogenous, streamlined look, country-style kitchens offer more flexibility and actively encourage mixing and matching. This could be from small touches such as mixing up the cabinet handles to something more noticeable like different chairs or stools around the kitchen table. This playfulness will add to your kitchen’s charm and make it seem more laidback and effortless.


5. Neutral Colour Palette

In general, when creating a country-style kitchen, you want to create a sense of warmth. Many who choose this design opt for white as a focus colour; this not only helps to make the room seem more spacious, but acts as a great base to start introducing other elements. Nature-inspired shades and pastels can suit a country-style kitchen look very well. Using materials (e.g. tea towels, aprons) or small kitchen appliances, is a great way to incorporate pops of colour into the kitchen.




6. Play with Patterns

The world is your oyster when it comes to incorporating patterns into your country-style kitchen designs. Anything from plaid to floral to stripes to tweed look great against a rustic background and help to add to that homely feel, especially when coupled with a neutral colour palette or wooden features.

If you are choosing to display your crockery, tableware or linens, think about the patterns that you choose. These kitchen items will be the accessories to your final look and will help add personality to your space.