8 Design Tips to Make your Kitchen Look More Expensive

marble units copper accent

Revamping your kitchen can be an expensive undertaking. These tips will help you create a luxe look without breaking the bank.


1. Choose an aesthetic

Making sure that your kitchen has a cohesive style is an easy way to make your kitchen look more stylish and expensive. Muted tones can help create a minimalist look and give your kitchen more of a luxe aesthetic. Subtle shades such as cream, champagne and charcoal can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your kitchen.

Committing to one specific type of style will help upgrade your space. For a more modern look, you can opt for metallic colours as well as stainless steel fixtures. If you want to create a cosy kitchen vibe, woven materials and wooden fixtures can help create a sense of warmth.


2. Play with textures

Playing around with textures can add complexity to your kitchen space, helping it to seem more high-quality. You can choose a mixture of textures, such as combining matte, distressed finish and high-gloss, which will accent your kitchen design. By choosing a few different shades or very close colours, and different textures, it will make your kitchen more visually interesting.




3. Upgrade your hardware

Replacing the hardware, including cupboard door handles, knobs and pulls, can make a huge impact on your kitchen. Choosing a mixture of pulls and knobs ,whilst keeping the same finish, can create a seamless look and add a fancy touch to your kitchen at a low cost. This simple trick can revamp your fixtures without the need to invest in brand-new installations.


4. Give your cabinets a makeover

Cabinets have the potential to age your kitchen space exponentially. Giving them a fresh coat of paint is a simple hack which completely recreates the feel of your space and gives your cabinets a makeover. Choosing a paint colour within your style aesthetic will give your kitchen an extra touch of luxe. Experts also suggest adding glass to your cabinets to offset a more modern look and add light to your space.


5. Open shelving

Many high-end kitchens feature open shelving. This relatively easy trick is not only affordable but can make your kitchen appear more expensive and sophisticated. Open shelving is a budget-friendly technique that allows you to display your favourite glassware or crockery. These shelves can be installed yourself or you can hire a professional kitchen design team to assist.




6. Light fixtures

Changing up the layout of your kitchen or installing new furniture and fixtures can be a big investment. However, changing the light fixtures is a far cheaper way of making your kitchen feel a whole lot more glamorous.

Globe fixtures, metallic details and minimalist pieces can all help to create a more chic and sophisticated vibe for your kitchen space. Unusual shapes and designs can help you bring your personality to your kitchen as well as giving it a custom-made design. Lighting is your kitchen’s best accessory and can seamlessly add the perfect finishing touches to your space.

If you are choosing to add new fixtures in your kitchen, under-cabinet lights can help to highlight certain areas of your kitchen and are both inexpensive and easy to install.


7. New backsplash

Backsplashes in the kitchen are not only wise from a practical point of view, helping to protect from splashes and splatters, but are also a way to upgrade your kitchen space. With more options available than ever before, there are thousands of choices to help you add your aesthetic and personality.

Ceiling height backsplashes, bold patterned tiles, colourful geometric shapes, marble-style slabs or metallic tiles can all give your kitchen an expensive-looking makeover. You can splash out or choose to go the cheaper route by using adhesive-based products.




8. Breakfast bar layout

Breakfast bars can open up your kitchen and maximise space, whatever the size of your kitchen. Tucking a few expensive-looking barstools under the countertop is a great way of incorporating seating into your kitchen, even if you lack space for furniture.

These barstools can add an extra dimension to your kitchen’s aesthetic, allowing you to opt for materials and shapes which complement your style choices. All of this can help to make your kitchen seem more sophisticated without the need to splurge.