Richard the wood works

Richard Delane

Founder & Managing Director

Richard left school at 17, becoming the 3rd generation to work in the family business. He started at the bottom spending the next 13 years working in every part of the company and making his way up the ranks, eventually deciding to set up his own company, The Wood Works.

donna the wood works

Donna Delane


Donna grew up in Wembley Park and attended City of London School for Girls. When Richard set up The Wood Works she decided to help him at the office, often with Josh strapped to her back. Over time her role has evolved and is now all encompassing – stretching from operations to design to sales.

josh the wood works

Josh Delane

Strategy & Business Development

Josh represents the 4th generation of The Wood Works family and is responsible for integrating the newest developments in technology, strategy, and marketing to grow the business.

Joel the wood works

Joel Mogilner


Joel’s journey to heading Production at The Wood Works started with Lego, his favourite toy. As a child, he had an innate spark for building and a curiosity for figuring out how things worked. He was also a No.1 fan of Science Channel’s ‘How It’s Made’!


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