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What to consider when designing a new kitchen

Comfortable kitchen with Marble cabinets

This year’s lockdown has meant that many households have spent much more time together in the kitchen than ever before. With most fatigued by their outdated kitchen designs, it it no surprise that many are opting for renovations and bespoke kitchens to give their homes a more personal, comfortable or perhaps luxurious touch. There are […]

The COVID-19 pandemic sees a growth of people sprucing up their kitchens and homes


According to research, nearly half of UK homeowners, 47% have invested time and money in renovating their homes at some point. More interestingly, however, nearly one fifth, 18% have renovated parts of their homes since lockdown first began this year. For many across the country, government rules and guidance has meant that working from home […]

Predicting popular kitchen trends for 2021

kitchen tiling

As we approach 2021, it is no surprise that homeowners are seeking a change. With most workers having been advised to work from home since March, they are fatigued with their current and outdated designs – and the kitchen is a prime space that many desire to change in the coming year. The kitchen a […]

How to sell your old kitchen

high gloss kitchen

      The kitchen is well known for being the most used room in a home and one of the main rooms considered for refurbishment or renovation. It is also common knowledge that remodelling your kitchen is very expensive, with a typical kitchen renovation can cost anywhere between £1,000 to £25,000. With most homeowners […]