Small Kitchen

Typically a small kitchen would consist of one or two shorter runs of units, possibly an L-shaped kitchen, in a space around 3m x 3m. For a modern style, the cabinetwork element of a kitchen of this size would cost about £9,000 +vat. For a more traditional look, it would probably be closer to £12,000 +vat.

Medium Kitchen

A medium kitchen would usually consist of again, one or two runs of units but this time slightly longer, as well as typically an island. Kitchens of this size are around the 5m x 5m mark. In a modern configuration and style, you would probably be looking at about £13,000 +vat for the cabinetwork but in a more traditional styling it would be more like £16,000 +vat.

Large Kitchen

Large kitchens are typically more than 2 runs of units, or in the case of a single run, very long with lots of units. One or even two islands would be possible in these spaces. Typically these are kitchen/dining/living rooms, so very open spaces incorporating multiple functions. In a modern styling, cabinetwork could be from £18,000 +vat compared to a traditional styling which would be from £25,000 +vat.

Kitchen Style

Modern vs. Traditional

Ordinarily, the cabinetwork in a modern, slab kitchen, is going to be cheaper than in a traditional kitchen, which is purely driven by the processes involved in actually making this furniture. We have a video on the website describing this process and explaining why there is a price difference between the two but essentially, modern cabinetwork doors start life as a large sheet of material which is put on our CNC machine to cut it to size, and it is then put on a second machine to put an edging onto it. Compare this to a traditional kitchen door which starts life as long lengths of tulipwood which need to be cut to size, grooved on our spindle, assembled into a door and then spray painted and sanded (all of which is done by hand!) you can see where the price difference comes in.


Miele, Siemens, Gaggenau

We are main agents for Siemens, Miele and Gaggenau. In terms of pricing, the starting point would be Siemens appliances in a kitchen. It is a great product, very reliable and Siemens provide excellent customer service. The next step up would be Miele. Again this is a great product, lots of features, good quality appliances, strong brand name and they have a showroom in London that you can go to and see every option and have their team talk you through exactly what you require. At the top end is Gaggenau which is an incredible product. The quality is unrivalled and the options are amazing but of course, for this you do pay a price. For a whole kitchen worth of appliances, for Siemens it would be something like £5,000 – £6,000 +vat, for Miele appliances it would be more like £7,000 – £8,000 +vat and for Gaggenau it would look more like £20,000 +vat.

Kitchen Worktop

Marble, Corian, Granite

There are a whole host of options here when it comes to worktops but our starting point is usually a Quartz worktop of which there are hundreds of colour and brand variations. You may pay more for a “brand name” of Quartz like a Caesarstone or a CRL but we have a range of “own brand” quartz products which are identical to the others but without the larger price tag associated with them! Corian would be slightly more expensive than Quartz, and then finally a granite or marble would sit at the top end of this scale. In a small kitchen you would be looking at about £3,000 +vat for a Quartz worktop, £7,000 +vat for a Granite or Marble. In a medium kitchen you may be looking at £4,000 – £5,000 +vat for a Quartz worktop, all the way up to £10,000 +vat for a granite or marble. Finally in a larger kitchen you would be looking at something like £7,000 – £8,000 +vat for a quartz worktop and this could exceed £12,000 +vat for marble or granite.


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