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Top Tips for the Perfect U-Shaped Kitchen

traditional kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is defined by three adjoining walls of cabinetry (to create a U-shape) with an open space in between for accessibility. Typically, U-shaped kitchens are known for being economic, efficient and easy-to-use. People love them for their usability and the amount of potential they offer both for storage and surface area. However, they […]

Best Solutions for Kitchen Corners

navy kitchen corner layout

Those pesky kitchen corners can be the source of a lot of frustration when designing your dream kitchen. Here we share our top creative solutions on what to do with the kitchen corners.   1. Blind Corner Cabinet   A blind corner corner is considered one of the standard solutions for dealing with kitchen corners. […]

Top 10 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

modern kitchen

When designing a kitchen from scratch, it can be overwhelming choosing the appliances that you need. Here we share our top 10 “can’t live without” kitchen appliances to maximise your day-to-day living.   1. Kettle   There is nothing more comforting than getting home and putting the kettle on. Whether it is a morning cup […]

How To Maximise Space in a Small Kitchen

blue kitchen space

When designing a small kitchen, it is important to think carefully about the layout. With a small space, elements such as overall aesthetic, décor, colour scheme, as well as functionality and organisation, become even more important. In order to make your small kitchen as efficient as possible, storage and layout will need to be taken […]

Internationally Inspired Kitchens

large kitchen marble surface

Thinking of redesigning your kitchen? Why not use one of these internationally inspired ideas to totally revamp your kitchen’s look.   1. Scandinavian Simplicity   The Scandinavians are known for being trailblazers in the interior design world. Household name, IKEA, has made its fame bringing affordable Scandi design to the masses. This style is defined […]

Why Choose A Kitchen Island Layout


In recent years, many have favoured an open-plan layout complete with a kitchen island. It is easy to see why, due to the many benefits this type of layout offers. Whether you are wanting extra seating, increased storage space, or a more integrative layout, a kitchen island may be the right choice for your kitchen. […]

6 Top Style Tips for a Country-Style Kitchen

wooden floor marble island cream suede stools

Country kitchens lend themselves to a warm, welcoming and cosy atmosphere, the perfect addition to any household. This timeless design can be implemented into any kitchen and are favoured by those looking for a rustic, classic vibe for their kitchen. Keep your country-style kitchen fresh and modern by tweaking the classic style slightly and bring […]