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Why Choose A Kitchen Island Layout


In recent years, many have favoured an open-plan layout complete with a kitchen island. It is easy to see why, due to the many benefits this type of layout offers. Whether you are wanting extra seating, increased storage space, or a more integrative layout, a kitchen island may be the right choice for your kitchen. […]

6 Top Style Tips for a Country-Style Kitchen

Country kitchens lend themselves to a warm, welcoming and cosy atmosphere, the perfect addition to any household. This timeless design can be implemented into any kitchen and are favoured by those looking for a rustic, classic vibe for their kitchen. Keep your country-style kitchen fresh and modern by tweaking the classic style slightly and bring […]

8 Design Tips to Make your Kitchen Look More Expensive

Revamping your kitchen can be an expensive undertaking. These tips will help you create a luxe look without breaking the bank.   1. Choose an aesthetic Making sure that your kitchen has a cohesive style is an easy way to make your kitchen look more stylish and expensive. Muted tones can help create a minimalist […]

How to Choose the Best Work Surface For Your Kitchen

When choosing a new kitchen, the first decision to be made is the material you will use for your kitchen worktops. Your countertops have the potential to make or break your kitchen design and will work with the other elements of your kitchen to create the overall aesthetic. Not only from a stylistic point of […]

10 Smart Storage Solutions for your Kitchen

When designing your dream kitchen, one of the biggest concerns might be how to align your storage needs with your style aesthetic. Making sure that you have room for everything is a top priority for many, especially smart designs that match your kitchen needs. A well-organised kitchen can help keep your space decluttered and increase […]

Designing a Kitchen With Hygiene in Mind

Marble Kitchen top with stylish golden taps

In a post 2020 world, we are more hygiene conscious than ever before. When designing your kitchen, hygiene should be a key factor. Here are some top tips of what to consider before building your kitchen to maximise hygiene and cleanliness.     Work Surfaces Easy to clean and wipe-down surfaces can help keep daily […]

Top Tips When Designing a Perfect Open Plan Kitchen

Open-plan kitchens provide a great deal of flexibility and versatility for your living space to suit a modern lifestyle. The kitchen can fulfil many different roles, not just a place to prepare food. Open-plan kitchens lend themselves to being a natural hub of the home as it encourages a blend between the kitchen and the […]