The Wood Works Partner with Clare Besser and Tom Besser of Greenheart Furniture

We are excited to announce that Clare Besser and Tom Besser, formerly of Greenheart Furniture of Bedfordshire, have recently joined The Wood Works team!

With over 20 years of experience, the duo will be complimenting The Wood Works in a number of ways, bringing a wealth of experience in bespoke kitchens, including design, fitting and installation.

In addition to completing hundreds of beautifully bespoke kitchens from design to finish, Clare and Tom Besser have worked with a number of high-end kitchen brands including Mark Wilkinson and Smallbone & Co.


claire besser tom besser greenheart
Inset: Clare Besser (middle left), Tristan (middle two from left) and Tom Besser (middle right)


About Tom Besser of Greenheart Furniture

Tom Besser qualified as a joiner in 1999 from Oaklands College in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Tom was awarded the 1999 first prize for machine woodworking craft from the worshipful company of Turners.

Tom graduated whilst working for Gunstock Joinery in Buntingford, Hertfordshire and worked there as a bench joiner for 6 years, becoming an expert in his craft. 

In 2000, Tom had a huge turning point in his career, becoming a kitchen fitter for Mark Wilkinson – fitting high-end kitchens all over the country, mostly around Hertfordshire and London.

At the same time, Tom was also approached by Smallbone, a well-known furniture and kitchen designer, and he continued to contract for them, fitting high end kitchens for their clients.

In 2008, he moved to Planet Furniture in Hitchin, working as a kitchen fitter and also in the joinery workshop because of his background.

In 2009, Tom and his colleague Mike set up a bespoke furniture business in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire offering a great range of beautiful handmade furniture to suit you.

Clare Besser was introduced into the business in 2009 to assist with the sales and administration side of the business – and she continues to work closely with Tom today.


The Birth of Greenheart Furniture in 2009

Tom Besser started Greenheart Furniture in 2009 alongside his colleague Mike, after the opportunity emerged to purchase machinery from a local company that had just closed down.

The pair found a workshop and set up Greenheart overnight, just after the Bessers had their second daughter. 

Tom continued to work with Smallbone on and off, until Greenheart finally picked up consistent jobs and was able to grow as a business.

With Greenheart Furniture serving Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, the company thrived working on 3 to 4 kitchens per month and saw huge growth in the last 4 years through networking, a storefront and getting repeat business.

Greenheart designed, made, painted and produced furniture and kitchens from start to finish.

With a tricky covid period with fitters and installers unable to go on-site, the team is excited to be working again with the clients they love serving. Above all, they look forward to their promising new partnership with The Wood Works.


Examples of Greenheart’s Work


greenheart kitchen tom besser

clare besser kitchen

greenheart kitchen




Commenting on Greenheart’s partnership with The Wood Works:

Clare Besser: “For years it has always been Tom and Clare and now we are excited to be working with The Wood Works who have a superb reputation, facilities, product range and excellent business values.”

“As a family business, we see a lot of similarities with The Wood Works and we look forward to growing together. We have been lucky enough to bring a very qualified apprentice with us, which is a great opportunity for growth.”

“Covid was a very challenging time to meet and speak with clients. But now with less restrictions and a new partnership, we are so looking forward to what the future brings.”


Josh Delane: “Tom and Clare have a fantastic reputation across the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire area – and such expertise and quality experience in kitchen fitting, joinery and cabinet making. The collaboration is huge for The Wood Works and we are so delighted to have them on board.”


Josh Delane The Wood Works


“Meeting our customer’s individual tastes and requirements is key – and making sure they have the best quality and finishes is at the centre of what we do. We are excited about working with Greenheart and we know working with Tom and Clare will unquestionably help us deliver the best work for our clients.”