How To Create a Minimalist Kitchen


The minimalist look is one which takes a “less is more” approach. In the era of Marie Kondo, we are increasingly aware of how we can declutter and simplify our living spaces. Kitchens can be the hub of the home; however, they can easily become a point of clutter as things accumulate on the work surfaces and in the cabinets. A minimalist kitchen goes hand in hand with a more efficient and functional kitchen.

By introducing a few key design features, you can not only create a sleek design for your kitchen but ensure that your kitchen is minimalist and clutter-free.

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1. De-Clutter Your Space

The first step, and arguably the most difficult, is decluttering your space. It can be difficult to say goodbye to things which you have spent years accumulating but a ruthless approach is often the best way to free up your space and make your kitchen a much cleaner and more pleasant area.

First, look at the work surfaces. The key is to have as much free space as possible. Not only will this look cleaner, it will also make it far easier for you to carry out your daily food preparation. This could be anything from putting away any small appliances that you do not use on a regular basis, to any bowls or decorative items that you have taking up precious space.




2. Design and Colour Scheme

When it comes to design and colour scheme, coordination can make a world of difference. Having a clear colour palette, ideally in neutral tones, will set the theme of your kitchen space. Aside from creating a more seamless, classy and minimalist look, it is thought to create a sense of more space, giving your kitchen an open feel.

Making an executive decision about a specific colour scheme and matching textures and styles will make your design more cohesive and avoid the “busy” feeling that can often come from too many mismatching aesthetics.


3. It’s All In the Details

When creating a minimalist kitchen design, it is not enough to just take into account the bigger picture. You need to look closely at the small details as these can have an overall impact on the feel and design of your kitchen.

The kitchen sink can make or break your kitchen. Opting for sleek chrome faucets will automatically make your kitchen look and feel more modern.

Additionally, knobs can age your kitchen and make it feel more cluttered. Replacing any cabinet doors with rounded knobs, and opting instead of solid doors without knobs or a bar design, can give your kitchen a much-needed minimalist makeover.


4. Smart Storage

Intuitive storage can make your kitchen much more efficient, as well as making it seem much more clutter-free. Making sure that items are stored away will free up surface area, create more space, and make your kitchen feel more open. See storage solutions for your kitchen for some more ideas.

When storing your items, make sure to put everything in a designated place. Your kitchen can quickly become a place for accumulated clutter. To maintain a clean and clutter-free kitchen, it is advisable to have designated drawers, cupboards and shelves for your kitchen items. Before doing this, think about what makes sense based on your kitchen habits: making sure the items you use most frequently are easily accessible and that certain items are kept together.