How to Save Money on a New Kitchen

Open plan wood kitchen in well lit room

How to Save Money on a New Kitchen

As one of the most important and most used rooms in your home, when it is time to renovate you will want to make sure you can get your kitchen just right. We all want a kitchen that is practical and functional to our everyday needs whilst delivering that amazing ‘wow-factor’ However, modern kitchen renovations can quickly end up costing a lot of money. That is unless you are able to shop around and find clever ways to stay within your means. In the following post, we are going to look at some of the key ways you can save some money when having work done in your kitchen.

Think Carefully About What You Need

Open plan wood kitchen
Open plan wood kitchen
Comfortable kitchen with Marble cabinets
Comfortable kitchen with Marble cabinets

It can be very tempting when trying to choose the furniture for a kitchen to just go with your heart and choose everything you love. You need to remember, though, that a kitchen is the centre of a family’s daily living and a practical room with many functions such as cooking, cleaning, entertaining and laundry. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to make it look nice, the aesthetics are not going to matter if you cannot do what you need to in it.

Therefore, you need to give some serious thought to its layout and the kind of furniture you need. Would you, for instance, prefer a contemporary island or a dining table?


You need to think about how many members of your family you have. If you plan to grow your family in the future, you will need to plan your kitchen accordingly. Some people love to cook or spend time watching T.V. in the kitchen while they cook. I recommend thinking about how much time you spend in the kitchen usually and build it around that. This is why it is often best to choose bespoke and custom made kitchens.

Consider Opting for Open Shelving

Instead of lots of wall cupboards, why not have shelves to store and display important items. As well as giving your kitchen a very streamlined and open feel, it will also reduce the cost. Shelving units don’t even need to have a country kitchen feel, as the examples in the image below show. It still looks very modern and sophisticated.

bespoke breakfast pantry
Bespoke breakfast pantry


Consider the Materials You Use

Some materials are far more expensive than others. This ties in with what we said earlier about how it’s important to pick what you need practically rather than just picking what looks good. This could be applied to the subject of material choice. Granite is a solid, reliable and attractive choice. It can also be very expensive.

Wood has timeless appeal and is a great material to use in a kitchen, as demonstrated here

Bespoke Wooden Kitchen Panelling

If you really want that granite look incorporated into your kitchen somewhere, but want to save a little, you could have a mixture of both wood and granite.

Anyone who bakes often knows that rolling dough on a chilled surface makes the job infinitely easier. Having something like a piece of granite or marble at the end of the wooden counter can help with kneading while also adding a cool visually pleasing feature.

Consider the Style of Kitchen Carefully

There is a huge misconception that most people have about kitchen styles. Many people believe that modern kitchens will cost more than traditional kitchens. However, from a bespoke point of view when it comes to the cabinetry, it’s actually the opposite. Modern kitchens are a better option if you are on a tight budget, compared to shaker-style kitchens.


Choose a Reputable Company

Another misconception many people have is that you need to pay the highest price for the best quality. However, that’s not always the case. One way to determine whether a company offer a high-quality service or not is by checking its reviews. Look for positives and negatives to get a full idea of what it will be like to work with them.

When you are at the stage of building up ideas and looking around for inspiration some people like to try kitchen designers who offer a free service where they visit your property and measure the space and draw up designs. Sometimes these designers end up charging over £50 for the service. The Wood Works offers Zoom design consultations to allow us to get a great idea of the space you are working with and offer key advice while you are building that dream kitchen.