How to sell your old kitchen

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The kitchen is well known for being the most used room in a home and one of the main rooms considered for refurbishment or renovation. It is also common knowledge that remodelling your kitchen is very expensive, with a typical kitchen renovation can cost anywhere between £1,000 to £25,000. With most homeowners saving or obtaining a bank loan for such a project, there is one other way, that most people are unaware of, that will help you make money from your existing kitchen. 


Selling your old kitchen unit has become more and more popular over the years as homeowners become more budget savvy and increasingly aware of reducing waste. Read on as we highlight the most common questions on how to sell your old kitchen.


Where can I sell my old kitchen? 


Selling your old kitchen has never been easier, with a wide range of platforms to choose from such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace and even Nextdoor, selling your kitchen unit has now, more than ever, been more accessible. Homeowners can choose to advertise their entire kitchens or specific appliances and units, with a price tag that ranges from £100 to £8000. 


Commonly advertised as second-hand kitchens, doing a simple site search on eBay and Facebook marketplace shows numerous people selling their old kitchen. Facebook Marketplace is notoriously well known for being able to help sellers shift large items extremely quickly, even the very next day.  Sellers are able to give clear timescales to buyers which can increase the urgency for the buyer who wants to get a bargain and quickly before anyone else has the chance to snap it up. Doing your research on the capabilities of each platform, a potential commission or service charge for advertising on the website and looking at what is already on the market are all points to consider when choosing which platform to sell your old kitchen. The fact that Ebay and Facebook Marketplace exists on your phone means that it can make it seem easier to sell the items while you are on the go. Uploading pictures, adding item descriptions and logistics, can be managed from your fingertips. Communicating with the buyers as well can be easily done as the apps allow you to connect quickly through Facebook or through text.  

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How much can I sell my old kitchen for?


The price you get for your old kitchen will depend entirely on the size of the space and components you are selling. For example, on their own granite or marble surfaces, dishwashers, kitchen cupboards/cabinets and other electric appliances can be valued individually; and if you are selling as a whole unit – with multiple components included in the sale – you may wish to add it all add up and have a fixed price for the set. These components and kitchen units can reach up to £8000 as a second-hand price.


Why should I sell my kitchen?


Not only can you make money from your existing kitchen unit to fund your new renovation project. But selling your kitchen unit can also reduce waste as they are not being sent to the landfill. Sometimes clutter is also a big problem in the kitchen with many homeowners looking for ingenious ways to downsize their kitchen appliances and maximise their existing kitchen space. Homeowners can also save time dismantling their kitchen by having the buyers of the old kitchen do this work as part of the sale. It is common practice for eBay and Facebook Marketplace buyers to take on the dismantling stage as part of their purchase, so long as it was made clear in the advert.


Who can sell their kitchens?


If you still have working appliances, high-quality worktops or functioning drawers, you are in a good position to advertise your second-hand kitchen for sale. There are groups of people who are always on the lookout for used kitchen items who  like to upcycle and DIY the kitchen components and transform it into something new; so, if it’s still functional, there may yet be a potential buyer.