Predicting popular kitchen trends for 2021

kitchen tiling

As we approach 2021, it is no surprise that homeowners are seeking a change. With most workers having been advised to work from home since March, they are fatigued with their current and outdated designs – and the kitchen is a prime space that many desire to change in the coming year.

The kitchen a multi-functional space and arguably the most important in the household where all members can come together and enjoy spending time in a communal space.

There have been a number of predictions concerning kitchen trends in the coming year, with designs of marbled countertops and two-toned kitchen cabinets carrying through from 2020. Here are just a few popular kitchen trends we expect to see in 2021.


Hot and cold taps


kitchen tiling


Hot taps will be heavily sought after in 2021. They are essentially just like regular taps in appearance, but are additionally capable of dispensing hot water instantly. This means no waiting for the kettle or pan to heat up and boil water – and instant cups of tea.

The installation of hot water taps is virtually the same as the installation of a regular water tap. It just includes the addition of a tan underneath the sink. While the installation process may thus be slightly more costly, and the tap standing at a higher price point that comparable simple taps, they are certainly more affordable in the long run and serve as a great investment to be made. In the long-run, hot water taps are cost-effective, allowing those who sue it to boil the exact amount of water they require, as opposed to a whole kettle or saucepan full.

The Quooker brand is popular in providing these taps, describing the hot tap as “the tap that does it all”. 100C water is always readily available and further spaces space on the countertops and in the cupboards, erasing the need for so many pans or a kettle.


Statement appliances and taps


quartz worktop


Following on from the Quooker taps, statement taps and appliances will see a soar in demand in 2021. In particular, gold and brass tone taps, as well as dark matte black has seen a recent growth in popularity.

Long gone will be the stainless steel tap. Gold matte taps can now match the door knobs of kitchen cabinets or appliances. Unusually coloured taps are a great way to compliment the kitchen area without taking up any extra space on the worktop, especially when paired with similar finishes for the cupboard designs and cutlery colour choices to maintain a consistent style finish throughout the kitchen space.


Breakfast bars


luxury penthouse kitchen


Breakfast bars have always been a popular addition for those who have renovated their kitchens, and 2021 is likely to see no change in this trend, and instead possibly even a further growth in demand. With moves being made towards larger, open-plan kitchen spaces, the island featuring a breakfast bar is an expansive area for socialisation and food preparation.

In particular, we predict there to be a soar in demand for double island spaces. On one side, a breakfast bar with high stools, and on the other, a space for food preparation or decoration and appliances.

High stools accompanying the breakfast bar space allow households to socialise at the same time meals are being prepared, or allow groups to be separate from the dining space which may be reserved for other uses like home working and studying in the daytime. High stools can serve as a great design feature for bespoke kitchens, with different brass or coloured finishes to match and carry through design styles like door handles or coloured worktop finishes.


Large tables



With households now spending more time together than ever before, it is important that the kitchen serves as a communal space where people can come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Open plan designs especially are now seeing the merging of kitchen and dining rooms together, with an open space for both cooking and socialising. Tables can extend to provide additional space and seating, and can be positioned so that there is easy and accessible access to the kitchen appliances too.


Dual tone kitchens


shaker cabinetry kitchen


As mentioned earlier, renovating cupboards with two-toned designs is becoming evermore popular and a fun way for homeowners to customise as well as modernise the kitchen space.

For instance, sage green olive green and hunter green are three colours often pitched together, accompanied by brass or gold appliances and handles.

Multiple tones can give more depth to a kitchen, making it appear lighter and a bigger size space.