The COVID-19 pandemic sees a growth of people sprucing up their kitchens and homes


According to research, nearly half of UK homeowners, 47% have invested time and money in renovating their homes at some point. More interestingly, however, nearly one fifth, 18% have renovated parts of their homes since lockdown first began this year. For many across the country, government rules and guidance has meant that working from home has become the new norm until at least March 2021. For some, this may have even alleviated the financial burdens of travelling into work – the eradication of hefty travel expenses. With these workers likely to be now facing further months working from home – several have taken to permanently altering their homes and kitchens in Hertfordshire making extensive home improvements and adjustments so that this period can be made more comfortable, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

As temporary bans on building works and renovations have now been lifted, homeowners have been seeking advice from designers, builders and architects alike to assist in redesigning their kitchens and sprucing up their homes. According to’s 2020 Renovation Nation Report, UK homeowners have invested an average of £4,035 each on home renovation since the first lockdown began in March. Since the pandemic first arose, the home has become the focal point of our lives. This post will take a look at just a few areas of the home that many have redirected their attention towards.




green shaker kitchen


For most, the kitchen is the hub of all that goes on in the household. It serves as an area where people are importantly fed, as well as entertained in coming together. Amongst the nation’s homeowners who have invested £55 billion in their properties this year, 22% of this group have focused on kitchen renovations. There are several reasons for this direct focus. For instance, re-doing a kitchen is one of the more time-consuming adjustments one can make to their home and is unlikely to be completed to a high quality in a small time frame. With holidays and trips cancelled, and fewer office trips to be made, people are finding themselves spending much more time at home, and thus do not need to rush to fit in a renovation just before a big trip. They are around to supervise everything. Several changes can be made to adjust and modernise a kitchen, from applying new flooring, changing the worktops or even just replacing the appliances.


External office spaces


custom home study


For many, reconfiguring home office spaces has been just one step out of many to ease the adjustments into lockdown, as well as making the working from home environment more comfortable. Garden office structures and renovations have seen a soar in demand since the first lockdown back in March. It proved too much for many to work in the same room or floor as their bedroom or communal areas like the kitchen and a garden office has served as a perfect alternative. It is thus no surprise that garden upgrades, including garden office structures, are on the top of the list for those investing, 34% of whom have made investments to spruce up their homes.


Home gyms


Google searches for ‘home gym’ have soared this year and this trend is expected to carry through in 2021. Workout machines and equipment no longer live in the corners of bedrooms or spare rooms. Instead, people making adjustments towards specific and dedicated spaces for home gyms as lockdowns have seen public gyms closed for extended periods. Changes include rubber flooring, mirrored walls, as well as built-in workout bars. As the UK approaches some of its coldest months of the year, exercise outdoors becomes increasingly difficult and unappealing. The options to maintain both physical and mental health through working out in a home gym is a great alternative that households have made since the early months of the pandemic.

We anticipate to see this increase in home renovations to carry through in 2021 as many spend more time at home and in their gardens.