Things To Consider When Planning A New Kitchen


Are you thinking about planning a new kitchen? Not too sure where to start? Our team has put their heads together and put together a guide on where to start and what you might need to consider along the way.

There are five key areas you need to think about when you start your journey, these are; layout, functionality, appliances, colour scheme and relationships.

Layout and functionality – you need to think about how the kitchen is going to be used – it is more for show or how much cooking will be done in it.

Appliances – are you having a range cooker? A bank of ovens? Where do they need to be placed in order for optimal use and functionality? What make – appliances can quickly raise the total cost by substantial amounts.

Colour scheme – are you thinking wood? Painted wood? Are you looking for something quirky or subtle? How does it fit with the rest of your home?

Relationships – this might seem like an odd one, but the company and team involved in designing and fitting your kitchen are going to become a focal part of your life for at least 8 – 10 weeks. Do you get a positive vibe from them? Have you had any recommendations?

modern kitchen

So where do you start your kitchen journey?

Luckily, 2018 has brought us a wealth of social media sites geared up to homes & interiors inspiration including Pinterest and Instagram. There’s also dedicated homes & interiors sites such as where there are so many images to browse as well as articles on the latest kitchen trends and what’s hot in the world of kitchens. Another great resource is Houzz, for example you can see all of our kitchen and home design projects on our Houzz page.

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Once you start browsing, pull off any images and styles you like to take to kitchen showrooms so you can talk through how you’d potentially like your own kitchen to look. One thing to note is that traditional kitchens are often more expensive than a modern finish and it is worth considering how the style will fit with the rest of the house.

Thinking of adding an extension to house your new kitchen?

If you are thinking about an extension that will extend you houses footprint by more than 10%, you will need planning permission. We advise that you look to work with a local architect who can draw up plans and help you with the planning process. By working with a local architect, they will know the local area, as well as what planners are likely to pass for you.

We can recommend trusted and proven architects that we have worked with on a number of different projects.

Research kitchen companies

There’s no harm in visiting a number of different kitchen showrooms and taking time out to have a look and feel of their products. You’ll get an idea for quality and the kind of designs they are producing. You can also see in the flesh features that you like and what you hadn’t considered but that would work for you.

Also, take time talking to the designers and customer service team at each showroom. It is vital that you get on with whoever you pick and that you are comfortable dealing with the team as they will become a fixture in your life over a number of months.

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