Top 10 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

modern kitchen

When designing a kitchen from scratch, it can be overwhelming choosing the appliances that you need. Here we share our top 10 “can’t live without” kitchen appliances to maximise your day-to-day living.


1. Kettle


There is nothing more comforting than getting home and putting the kettle on. Whether it is a morning cup of tea to start your day, a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold afternoon or a nighttime infusion, a kettle is a must-have appliance for any kitchen.

A kettle is a super-quick and easy way of getting your hot drink fix. What many people do not know, is that an electric kettle is around 80% more efficient than heating water on a traditional stovetop so a kettle will even save you money on your electricity bill.




2. Toaster


Behold the humble piece of toast. One of the easiest and versatile things to cook and yet arguably the most underrated. A toaster will help you turn your bread into the perfect piece of toast.

Any toaster will help you achieve this but opt for a fancier toaster for more options. Many modern toasters have various settings to help you up your toast game including bagel controls, heat settings, bread lifters and a countdown timer so you can time your toast to perfection.


3. Grill


If your oven does not have a designated grill setting or, indeed, your kitchen does not have an oven, a grill is an imperative purchase.

Grilling uses high heat, meaning that it is able to seal and lock up all the delicious juices of whatever you are cooking and keep it moist without the use of additional oils. This means that not only is it a healthy and tasty way of cooking, it cooks things through without burning them. The result is a mouthwateringly seared piece of meat or vegetables.

When buying a grill, make sure to look for something durable. Experts recommend stainless steel, cast aluminium or cast-iron for the body as well as sturdy legs.




4. Water Filter


Water filters help to purify your tap water. They remove the chemicals used to kill parasites, fungus and bacteria as well as removing the elements which give rise to an unpleasant taste and smell, including chlorine.

Not only do water filters improve the purity, taste and smell of your water before drinking it, they also help to lower the pH level of the water.

In certain places of the world, drinking filtered water is more important than in other places. In the United Kingdom, for example, drinking tap water is deemed to be safe. However, places like London which have hard water (high in calcium) can have bad-tasting tap water, which can be removed with a water filter.


5. Slow Cooker


One of the principal reasons that people invest in a slow cooker is their ability to save money in the long run. Slow cookers are known for being extremely energy efficient and only consuming a very low amount of electricity. In addition, they help to make even the cheapest cuts of meat more tender and delicious.

Slow cookers do what they say on the tin: they cook foods over a long period of time at a low temperature. There are highly versatile and can make batch meals such as casseroles, stews, soups and one pot meals. The long cooking process helps to bring out the flavour of the ingredients.

They are also known for cooking foods in a healthy way. The low heat used means that the nutrient content of foods is not destroyed during the cooking process. With just a few simple ingredients, a slow cooker helps turn anything into a delicious meal.


6. Food Processor


Many people swear by a food processor and it is easy to see why. Food processors are known for their versatility and mutlifunctionality. Food processors are able to chop, slice, shred, puree and grate ingredients rapidly.

They usually come with a range of different blade attachments meaning that you easily prep different ingredients in whatever way is needed. Top-of-the-range models can offer a range of advanced specialist processes such as kneading bread dough.

Food processors are as much for the basic cook looking to maximise their time efficiency as they are for the more seasoned cook who wants to experiment with a range of complicated recipes.


7. Blender


Blenders are designed for making liquid-based foods such as smoothies and soups. They are a super fast and convenient way to blend together multiple ingredients and end up with a smooth and creamy final product.

These are one of the best products for those looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet as they allow you to mix together multiple ingredients very fast. Their high-speed nature means they break down high-fibre fruits and vegetables in seconds.




8. Microwave


Microwaves mean you will never let food go cold again. Hailed as one of the most convenient kitchen appliances, these gadgets are far more time- and energy-efficient than the conventional oven.

Their key function is to quickly heat up food, perfect for leftovers or for those in a hurry. Although, many microwaves have far more advanced features and settings.


9. Mixer


Mixers are another great tool for simplifying your cooking processes. A stand mixer uses different beaters in order to whip, mash, mix and knead ingredients.

They can work alongside other gadgets to help speed up your food preparation. For example, the mixer can be left for the more laborious parts of the overall process while you get on with another part of the recipe.

The multiple beaters and different speed seatings help to mix ingredients far more evenly and efficiently than a human hand.

Depending on the kitchen style you are opting for, stand mixers can also add to the aesthetic as there are many stylish models on the market.




10. Coffee Maker


If you are the type of person who cannot begin your day without a cup of coffee, a home coffee maker is a must. Having café-quality coffee from the comfort of your home is something which can make your day feel more decadent.

The process is simple but lies in the different coffee maker that you choose. There are many different options available, all of which yield different results depending on your preferences. Factors such as water temperature, type of beans and brew time will all affect the overall flavour of the coffee.

One of the best things about an at-home coffee maker is the money you will save. If you are used to buying coffee from a coffee shop, not only will you save time by making it at home, you could be saving around £2-3 per day!