What to consider when designing a new kitchen

Comfortable kitchen with Marble cabinets

This year’s lockdown has meant that many households have spent much more time together in the kitchen than ever before. With most fatigued by their outdated kitchen designs, it it no surprise that many are opting for renovations and bespoke kitchens to give their homes a more personal, comfortable or perhaps luxurious touch.

There are several factors that must be considered when choosing to design a new kitchen. Initial decisions include setting a budget, choosing the right company and collecting ideas to get an idea of what you want. It is then up to the simple, yet very important factors to be covered, including lighting choices and appliance sizes. These parts must not be forgotten or neglected as they can help to either make of break the space with a few minor changes or adjustments.


How much space you need for cooking


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When planning the kitchen space, it is important to work out how much space is needed for cooking. For instance, those who love to cook and entertain may greatly benefit from a large and open island, where there is plenty of space for food preparation.

The kitchen flow is an important consideration, especially in a space where doors are often left open and appliances are in abundance. It is important to ensure that the layout allows for enough space for cooking, as well as user-friendly navigation – essentially so that the hob is not directly opposite the fridge doors where there may not be enough space for someone to cook while another needs to reach for ingredients in the fridge.

When designing the space, it is not uncommon to refer to the ‘working triangle’, a concept which places the sink, fridge and hob at three different points of a triangle to minimise effort and walking distance between the three when cooking.


Exploring appliance options


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It is important when saving both space and money to understand which appliances are necessary, and which you can probably forget. For instance, kettles taking up countertop space can be replaced by sleek hot water taps. Microwaves can be built in within cupboard spaces.

If there is a need for several plug-in appliances in the kitchen, for instance, needing easy access to charging phones, slow cookers and toasters, then hidden and retractable charging points are a neat way to allow for this.





When renovating kitchen spaces, many are now opting for darker unit cupboards and styles, including dark greys, matte blacks, forest greens and navy. It is thus important that the space is not totally darkened, and as such, lighting is particularly important in creating a homely and inviting kitchen space – as well as helping to make thee space appear larger in size.

Lighting can also serve the purpose of interior creativity. It can serve functional purposes in evidently lighting up the space, as well as style purposes.

Popular lighting choices in kitchen areas include the ‘rule of three’ over kitchen islands, with long-stemmed, brass bulb options serving as very popular. Spotlights, especially in smaller kitchens, are a neat way of lighting up the room and do not take up too much space or make the room feel cluttered.


Fridge and freezer size


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This is an all-important factor for consideration when designing a new kitchen. Fridge-freezer size is typically dependent on the number of individuals in a household, but can also depend on the kitchen’s purpose. For instance, self-employed chefs or bakers may require a larger fridge space than a family of four.

American style fridge freezers are a popular choice in larger spaces, allowing for water dispensers and extensive storage for drinks. Certain fridges, especially those that do not match the colour or style of the kitchen, can be integrated well, tucked behind the cupboard doors.

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